All in a day

All in a day
I never know what I'll be shooting, this is the world through my lens, one photo at a time!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I've Been Away Far too Long

Once again I wonder where time slips away on me.  I have fewer courses
 this semester, then one final course next semester and I'm 
done with this education.  Seven years of studies
 and what a journey!

 The lightbulb just went off!  Maybe what I'm doing is finding myself in life, 
outside of the classrooms and exploring what life
may be like once I'm done. Yup, this could easily be it.  

Hmmm so now what have I been up to? I'll take a look into
my photos and they'll tell me a story...

We finally have the bike photos framed, my friend
made the frames from the old barn wood which is
in the lower photo and do these ever
 look awesome!  Better than they do in these photos. 

 Mommy and Daddy went to New York so Elyssa spent 
some time with me...we had a blast! 

We baked...

Made Christmas decorations...

and spent an afternoon at the Treehouse playing!

As I've mentioned I've been busy, busy living, loving, laughing
and learning... right and I've even started the Christmas baking. 

So with all that is happening in my life, I often wonder, 
why I'm feeling so lonely these days?  Too much time on my 
hands possibly, or is it time to (gasp) think about possibly
getting into a relationship? When it's meant to be it'll happen,
or so I keep telling myself. 

I hope you're all doing well and life is filled with many
blessings, both big and small. 


Saturday, October 11, 2014


Hi there, it's been far too long once again since I've
posted, soon enough I'll be settling in for winter and hope
to be back on a more regular basis.  Hmmm now what have
I been up to?  Right, I've purchased a new camera, the Canon
Rebel T5i and I'm still learning the camera.  I've been doing
more portraits and my latest was a pregnancy photo shoot, a first
for me but what fun! 

Here's a few of the shots from this shoot...

Another photo shoot was my niece, those who 
have followed my blog for some time know my 
niece Cheryl who lived with me, well she's back
temporarily and we've been up to our usual Auntie/Niece 
sort of things...

Playing in the hat store

After the mall it was out playing in the leaves, a friend
of mine's daughter joined us as well and we had 
such a fun afternoon. I think it's hanging out with these
young people from time to time which keeps
my spirit young! 

Today I went down to the Farmers Market, it's a quaint
market which has everything from soup to nuts, clothes,
to various forms of artwork. I started to chat with this
one artist who makes beautiful pieces of work out of
metal.  I love his work and he's in need of photos for 
his website.  I love the barter system so I struck up a deal, 
for a piece of his work I'll take photos for his website. I shot
a few photos, came home and played on my computer and
sent him a few photos, he's impressed so now
my Christmas shopping just got easier!   

Here's a couple of the shots I sent to him. 

As for university, I'm down to the two courses and still am 
the PRO of procrastination as you can tell. I'd rather be
playing with my camera than writing papers but the papers
still have to be written so on that happy note... it's time to
dive into a textbook and read at least one chapter tonight. Sigh, 
but at least the end is in sight, I can feel it coming! 

To my Canadian friends and those who celebrate
Thanksgiving, wishing you and your loved ones a 
blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I know I sure have a
lot to be grateful for! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tic Tock

... where is the time running away to?  I've been quite busy,
but the 18th already? Woah.  I'll share some of the things I've been
doing, so grab a cuppa tea, or a beverage of choice, and lets see if I 
can keep up to myself here. 

Friday evening I'd won two VIP tickets for the grand opening
of the Renaissance Airport Hotel, what a hotel it is! I won 
the tickets for a photo I'd entered to depict my 
hidden gem in our city, I chose a Rundle Park sunset.

There was a fashion show, a short ballet show and 
the main feature was the band USS.  My daughter
came with me and we had a blast!

I shot a wedding for a dear friend of mine. 
I'm not done with her photos just yet, however,
this is the intro to her album.  They got married
in a park under a beautiful gazebo. 

Tuesday I did another photo shoot for a
local artist, she's a phenomenal singer. 
Danita Lynn is her name if you'd like to
listen to this beautiful lady sing, she's also a
part of the Dirt Road Angels band. I have yet to hear
this band live, but  from what I've heard online..WOW!

This is Danita Lynn, she's such an amazingly 
beautiful lady, both inside and out. 

I had my friend bring his bike out for a few shots. 

I love the nature shots...

 Wardrobe change...

It's so hard deciding which photos to post of Danita, I shot
over 700 of them but what fun that was!  Just one more...

Me taking a bit of a break...

Hmmm, now I'm wondering when I made my 
applesauce ... I think it was Monday. 

And today I went to watch my precious Elyssa at her
skating lessons, she's so adorable! 

I also upgraded today to a T5i, now I have to learn what I
can all do with this new camera... but other than that,
well I have a paper due in the very near future and I'm about
out of procrastination excuses... so tick tock, it's time
to get writing once again. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Girls Gotta Do What a Girls Gotta Do

Where in the heck does time slip away on me?  First I blink and the beautiful 
long sunshine days are now turning to grey, overcast, short days.  
Then I blink again and it's back in the classrooms.  I finished up a 
grueling block week yesterday, 5 consecutive days of social policy
 and then home to do homework.  These crazy making weeks don't 
leave much time for anything which doesn't involve books, computers, 
or sifting through notes.  

I gave it my best shot to eat healthy, honest I did, with 
one day taking a delicious salad for lunch, the following day
no time to even be bothered with eating so the following day I was 
super hungry. With no time to cook I walked across the street 
and ordered a small donair, this always lasts me for two meals...
not this time, I ate the whole darn thing! 

My stomach wasn't too impressed with me, but a girls gotta do
what a girls gotta do!  Thank goodness this is my final
year of studies, I'm getting educational burnout
and the academic year has just begun! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Fun Continues

Now that I've returned home a bit of a catch up here.  I went out
to the country to isolate and have some quiet time, time to 
read and do what must be done to prepare myself for the
block week course I have coming up starting on Sept. 2. I ask,
where did summer go?  

I started out staying with a friend, the one who has the gorgeous 
horse, but this horse has been limping a bit so I got to meet
one of my second cousins who is a farrier. I've chatted with this
cousin via facebook, but never met him til now.

Handsome young man who knows his horses! 

Then it was off to a family pig roast, what an awesome time
seeing family I haven't seen in eons. 

There was something for kids of all ages... 
as you can see from the top right photo my inner 
child even came out to play!  Yup, it's been an awesome
week, good people, good food, tons of fun and I even
managed to knock off about 3/4 of my readings. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cariwest Parade

Last Saturday it was the Cariwest Parade, I love going to this
event as it's so vibrant and colorful.  You'll see what I mean 
through the photos I choose to share...

I am guessing this is Miss Cariwest of this year, she's
absolutely gorgeous! 

There was plenty of dancers and lively music. 

Plenty of pretty ladies...

Young and the young at heart...

Hmmm I have about 50 photos I've kept, too
bad I try to limit myself here to only a few, ah what 
the heck, here's a few more. 

I'm having a real tough time stopping myself 
from adding more, as I mentioned there was so 
much energy, I LOVED it! 

And one final photo...
this is exactly how I felt when I rushed back to my car
only to find the meter man leaving a $50 parking ticket
on my car and there was no way he was going to
let me talk him out of it. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, 
my bags are packed and I'm leaving 
town... again! :-)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Life is busy, in a positive way

Now that my final practicum is complete, actually the day I finished 
I came home, loaded up and hit the highway. I was off to the rodeo, literally! 
I went back to my old home town, about a 4 hour drive and 
made it in time for the rodeo dance and what a good time that was. 
The following day I went to the actual rodeo and watched...
here I'll show you some of what I watched.

I took tons of photos, watched it all, went on a
few rides and had another wonderful day. 
Some real good lookin' cowboys ladies! :-)

The following day I went to visit my Mom and Dad at the
cemetery, it was 12 years to the date my Mother passed.
Afterwards I returned to the old home quarter and did a
photo shoot, some "selfies".

I got home in time to do a load of laundry, have a shower,
make a quick pasta salad for a pig roast and I hit the 
highway once again. This time the drive was only about
an hour and a half and I was off to a 3 day party. One of the 
highlights of this event... I was the photographer and look at
what I managed to shoot!

I had an amazing weekend; fantastic people, amazing food and Harley heaven! 

And tonight is my final class of the practicum and
then I'm free to roam about the countryside at my 
leisure for a few weeks before I hit the books for
one final round... 3 more courses and that's it! I'm 
3 courses away from landing that job which will
allow me to buy my bike, if I so choose to! 

I hope you're all loving what you do
and doing what you love. Cheers. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Family Picnic in the Park

We had our 2nd annual family picnic in the park and what an
awesome way to spend a Saturday. I love when the family comes
together, tons of love and laughter is shared... what more could
a girl ask for? 

Elyssa with playing with her Great Grandpa, whom she adores.

I was setting up the camera for the family photo shoot, testing
the new remote a very dear friend gave to me for my birthday...
it works fantastic! 

I went out for a walk with Elyssa, more of a jog, to see
where all of the geese where headed. There were tons of 
them, then we had to walk back to get my camera, 
she wanted photos of the baby geese. 

It was another blessed and beautiful day. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Too Cool

First off I'd like to share that I didn't shoot this photo
of my cousin, his sister did and I did edits to it. My cousin
in the photo actually hitches up the horses to his old plow
and that's how he hays.  I think this is so awesome, time consuming,
but awesome! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Briefly Out Of Hiatus

This is rather uncanny, I take a break from my blog, come back and a bunch
of my photos are missing. Weird or what?  Hmmm I'll make time to repost them 
in the near future. 

Well what's new in my world?  I'm close to being done my practicum, only
2 more weeks to go and that part of this educational journey is finished, all
525 hours!  I'll be able to take a break for August, then back at the books
come September for my final year of studies.  This almost sounds too good
to be true! 

I've missed my blog, missed all of you and I'm looking
forward to catching up to those I've come to know
hopefully in August. Yup, I've got plans and some
of them include getting out of the city and I'm not
sure if there's even internet where I'm headed. I've 
still been shooting photos.  Some I'll share here and
hopefully they too won't disappear! 

Today I did a photo shoot for an old friend, 
she lives in the next province and her grandson
lives here. This wee guy is so adorable! 

And the family pics...
I sure had fun doing this photo shoot, it was a hot one today and 
I love this stunning weather we've been having. 

Well as I'm sure you're all aware, tonight is the Super 
Moon and what a beautiful moon it is...

And anyone who has been following my blog in the
past, well ya all know I LOVE my flowers and the
few months of color we get in this part of 
the world. 

So there you have it, still busy on this end, but
it's a good kind of busy and (sigh) yes I've been 
staying out of trouble! ;-)  I hope you're all 
having a wonderful weekend. Cheers!