Angry bird

Angry bird

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Day with Grammy

A had my precious wee girl for the evening on Saturday night
so it was time to get out and have us some fun!  We went to the
local splash park and fun we had... less the skinned knees this is. 

Ideal photo opportunity! 

An afternoon with my girl would not be complete
without a few selfies! 

Hmmm, should we go home or back through the
water one more time?  Water won! 

(I think it's so adorable she wants to wear my sunglasses, I had to
buy another pair but it's totally worth it!) 

Whenever we have a sleepover I know 
it's blueberry pancakes not only for breakfast, 
but for lunch as well.  Lunch we jazzed it up a bit 
and had not only blueberry pancakes, we added
blueberry cheesecake ice cream... cause that's how
we roll at Grammy's house!  :-)

You just never know when you're creating a memory, 
thank you my precious girl for the amazing memories! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Another Grad in the Family

Today was a very special day, I attended another grad ceremony and
it was an amazing event.  I helped the grad get into her dress, and I was 
able to take a few pre-grad photos...

This ceremony today has touched my heart, in what seems to be the blink
of an eye my granddaughter is growing up, she graduated from daycare and
will start kindergarten in the fall.  

Congratulations Elyssa, 
Grammy is so proud of you
and all you do! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Life is Good

Let me think here, what have I all been up to? 

Ah right, I was at my final volunteer commitment last week. 
The entertainment was phenomenal, they are a family of 3 who
are known as Young Medicine and their music and dance... 

They've won awards, traveled extensively and are amazing! 

After this event I wondered around the park, happy
to have my camera in my hands once again and just
shooting whatever my heart desired. I took a lot of
amazing shots, this one is one of my favs. 

Saturday was National Aboriginal Day, I spent the 
afternoon with friends in one of our city parks where 
there was a celebration going on and was having a fantastic
afternoon... til we got poured on. 

After I left this park I took a drive with another friend
out to a place called Elk Island National Park, I'm not too 
sure why they don't call it Buffalo Island National Park as
there's literally hundreds of buffalo out there, never spotted
one single elk though. :-) 

Yup, when there's something this big on the road you wait until 
it decides you can move. 

And what else... Sunday out for dinner, I finally submitted the research
project I was hired to do and ya, just chilling out, enjoying life and
finding things to do, things I wouldn't normally do this is. 

AND my princess is home from Disney World now, I can't wait til she
spends the night with me on Saturday so I can hear all about her

 (I borrowed this photo from my son, 
thanks Shayne!) 

You bet life is good, I'm blessed to no end! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

University of Calgary Aboriginal Grad Celebration 2015

Each year the university I studied through holds a celebration to honor 
students whom have self identified as being Aboriginal.  In Canada we have
three major classifications of Indigenous peoples; First Nations, Inquit,
 and Metis. I am Metis which loosely translated means of 
mixed blood.  I went to this celebration and what an honor it truly was.  
Each grad receives and Eagle Feather, a Pendleton blanket and 
being Metis I also received a Metis sash. 

My ancestry is from the Cree Nation, our neighbors to the 
south are Blackfoot and even though the regalia might
be a bit different, and some of their cultural ways are not the same, 
I still felt like I was with extended family.  I went to this event by
myself and never felt like I was alone. I love this
aspect of our cultural, we have a saying "All my relations"
and I felt as though I was with relations. 

I am the only one in this photo wearing the red Metis sash.  We were lined
up in order of doctorate, graduate degrees then bachelors, the lady
in the regalia (next to the lady in the black and white jacket) received
her doctorate! Well done!  Now the ideas are dancing in my head,
but they can stay as thoughts for now.   

We were lined up to take part and be honored in 
a powwow, the grand entry starts with the Chiefs, Faculty then
us grads... what an experience this was! 

After the grand entry and presentations
the powwow was back in full swing.  I'll share a few of
the photos I shot during this event. 

The energy and vibrancy put into the traditional dance is astounding! 

This is one of my personal favorite photos I shot. 

They say a picture says a 1000 words and
this next one speaks volumes to me. 

I was flying high, a life's high and I felt totally honored. I'm 
still elated and I hope this feeling sticks around for some 
time to come!  The University of Calgary Native Centre 
did an amazing job hosting this celebration once again.

The celebrations are over, the books are mostly tidied up and I've
been asked by many people, what's next?  I have no idea, this is a part
of the joy of life, trusting in the process and living in the moment,
what is meant to be will be. 

Onward and upward...
  my journey of 1000 essays is now

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The End - A New Beginning

Where to start with this post... I'm at a loss for words all of a sudden! 
I must have used all of my words up earning this degree, especially
the final 40 page paper, that one was a bugger to write!  Before
I digress how about I just share some photos. 

My children, my amazing children who will always be my babies! :-)

My family photo, I am so blessed to have such an
amazing family! 

And what would a Masters Degree be without a photo for my 
granddaughter to look back on one day when she convocates
with her degree, knowing that she wore her Grammy's cap? :-)

This photo is one which I am smiling at without a doubt, 
my girls help keep me young at heart! :-) 

And to you, all of my blogger family, thank you for your words of encouragement, 
your comments helped me make it through so much and I've enjoyed sharing
this journey with all of you. 

LL... my first blog follower, you've made me laugh on several occasions,
it was a real pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet you in 
person in California last year.  Thank you for the inspiration! 

Red... thank you as well, your words have meant so much to me!

Rick... I hope you read this, your photos inspired me as did your words, 
you have a gift my friend, thank you for sharing it with all of us. 

Karen... thank you as well, thinking of your posts makes me smile! 

Linda... you're an amazing lady, I admire all that you do and you still make
time to blog and comment on others blogs. 

Kathy... your mall adventures I've enjoyed reading about, 
you put more smiles on my face than you're aware of I'm sure! 

Red Nomad... you're a true inspiration with your photos, thank you 
for sharing and for your words shared with me. 

Davine, sweet Davine... I hope our paths cross again one day, there
may be this big ole pond between us but who knows, I might
venture back to OZ one of these years again! 

Gunn, even though we don't speak the same language it's no
worries, we still manage to communicate via translator! :-)

Ola, you are an amazing lady and I love and appreciate your comments!

Erika, thank you for sharing Italy with us and for all the hugs
from Italy! 

Tex... thank you as well! 

Wong... your comments on my photos, thank you, you inspire me to 
continue to shoot and one day I hope to be as good with this
camera as you are! 

There are so many of you out there who have touched me, too numerous
to mention so please forgive me if I've not mentioned you by name...
please know I am grateful to you for taking and making time to keep
me inspired, be it in studies, photography, or in life! 

There is one special lady who followed my blog I want to pay my respects
to and thank her as well.  Sadly Beverly passed away last year, we conversed
 back and forth via emails, facebook and through our blogs.  when I was in
 Australia I was honored to be able to meet her and I spent four days with 
her and her family and had an amazing time. Beverly was near and dear to 
my heart, there have been times when I felt like giving up on this degree,
but there was no way I could, not a hope when I felt Beverly encouraging
me and coaxing me along. RIP my friend WE did it! 

You see my friends, those of you whom I've 'met' through my blog, 
you truly are my friends, an extended family I can visit when time
permits, any time of the day and any day of the week.  For this I am
extremely grateful as these past few years have been hectic.  Thank you
all from the bottom of my heart! 

What's next in my life? Stay tuned and when I know you bet
I'll share it with all of you!  Cheers! 

Day Three, Lake Louise

Our adventures continued with a trip to Lake Louise, it's an 
amazingly beautiful place to visit. 

I did the tourist photo thing...

Me with my boys and my wee princess. 

My son and his girlfriend, celebrating one year of being together! 

Me, the momma bear...

In the evening it was a dinner cooked at our condo, delicious dinner
I might add!  And Sam, my sons girlfriend baked me a celebratory 
cake.  We were celebrating 3 special events, Mothers Day, my 
birthday which was in May and my convocation. 

Thank you Sam for the delicious cake! 

Another fun filled, wonderful day spent with those I love! 

Day Two in Canmore

The adventures in Canmore only got better, my oldest son, 
his wife and my precious granddaughter joined us... the more the
merrier!   We took in some sights, strolled down main street 
and browsed the shops. 

Precious Elyssa, she melts my heart!  

Canmore is known for it's monumental statue...
of a big head!  Michelle, well being Michelle and as you can seethe apple doesn't fall far from the tree! 

After dinner we played a game with Elyssa

Then after the wee girl was tucked in we decided to go out again, 
my middle son and his girlfriend stayed back with Elyssa and I 
wanted to go back and listen to the same band, after all
Shayne and Sandy hadn't heard them yet. :-)

Another fantastic, fun filled day! 

Family, Adventures and Fun!

I was wondering how to start off sharing what I've been up to
and I've decided to break it down or this would be one long post!

Friday we left early enough in the day to take in some therapeutic 
shopping near Calgary at an outlet mall, a great place to shop. We 
rolled into our destination at about 8pm and upon arrival it was hilarious, 
we used the luggage trolley to take our bags to the room and my daughter
got on it after it was empty and had my son push her down the long hallway, 
I love it watching my adult children be kids! 

Once we were settled into our condo off we went in search 
of some live entertainment and did we ever come across an 
amazing band!  This band is the Johnny McCuaig Band, they appear
to be Celtic but they're a rock and roll band which incorporates
the bagpipes into their music.  Now how can anyone stay in their seat
and not get up and move your body to tunes like this?

First day of our adventure finished, then back to our condo
for a good nights sleep in the mountains! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Monday my hairdresser was here and did my hair,
she colored the tinsel and I love it!  Then I spent a part of my 
day yesterday getting ready to head out of
the city for the weekend, a part of this entails getting ready... 
the making myself feel all pretty.  I have my convocation on 
Monday and being in the mountains this upcoming weekend I don't
want to waste a single minute of the time I have with my children 
doing whatever our hearts desire. 

So first I went to get these silly eyelash extensions filled, what a 
pain in the you know what.  The things I do I often question myself
as to why I do them... but then I say "Self you do whatever it takes
to feel good" and I carry on. 

Once the eyelashes were finally done, the next stop
it was mani and pedicure time.  In total, with driving time,
I spent most of the afternoon doing these things... worth it?
You'll see on Monday when I share my convocation
photos! :-)

I feel pretty, oh so pretty... 

So all of this pampering and now I'm almost good to go,
it's time to pack a bag with 'necessities' and hit the dusty
trail by 11am tomorrow. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, I'm going to attempt
to share a few pics over the weekend, if not I'll be back
next week with a plethora of photos! 

Monday, June 1, 2015


With this spring weather naturally it's dandelion season.  I've been picking dandelions
off of my back lawn each and every morning and quite frankly I've about had enough
of this nonsense.  Soooo me being me, I take a 'natural' approach to trying to rid my
yard of these weeds and no thank you I will not eat them, yuck!  With having Abbie
I cannot use chemicals, nor do I want to as they're not good for the yard.  But I am

On Facebook there's been this 'natural' remedy for ridding a yard of these weeds...

('Borrowed' from Facebook)

I took this and cut it in half just to try it, BUT I went and mixed it in 
my watering and didn't put in in a sprayer.  You'll see in this next photo
it killed the dandelions, BUT it also killed the grass. 

Thankfully I only did a small area, I will try this again BUT I will 
do as the "recipe" calls for and spray it next time.