Saturday, May 16, 2015

Metis Festival

Every year we have a Metis Festival, this brings out the fiddles and
jigging competitions and it's an amazing event to watch.  Young and
old compete and community comes together to take in this spectacular

The old timers fiddle competition, at the bottom of this
collage all fiddle players who want to participate come
on stage to play and honor World Fiddle Day, which is today. 

This is the men who played along with the fiddles. 

 A couple of the jiggers...

And what the Metis are famous for, the fiddle. 

It's been a great day, listening to music, watching dancers, 
visiting, and taking photos... life is good in my world! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Beautiful Buds

It's absolutely beautiful seeing the buds coming out again, makes
me believe that we may finally have S_ _ _ _ _ (for those who don't
know me or are new to my blog, I don't want to jinx us so I don't
use the word until I'm absolutely certain we've had the last of winter...
which is sometimes late May! lol  

I didn't realize until yesterday that it's a long
weekend this weekend... hmmm what can I 
get into now? 

Labor of Love

On Wednesday and Thursday I cooked stew to serve approximately 
160 people. I pared, peeled, chopped, fried, simmered and cranked up 
the music and in no time at all the work, well it wasn't work anymore. 

I had one friend come over to visit on Wednesday, she grabbed the 
potato peeler and she cleaned the carrots and potatoes as we visited, 
times like this is something I miss and thoroughly enjoyed the few hours
we spent together catching up... our hands might have been busy,
but we still got in an amazing visit. 

At the end of the day, once everyone was fed, it was time to clean up.
The counter top roaster I used was very easy to clean, but these extra
large stainless steel pots... not so easy, so I brought the pot home and
soaked it.  Whatever works right? 

This volunteer job I did was a definite labor of love. 
I love cooking, feeding others, and the bonus is I got to 
visit with a dear friend who I don't get see too often. 

Life is amazing, I love how things come together! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Time With Those I Love

I have no idea how I've been so busy lately, I'm done with studies, 
I'm almost done my research position but yet I find there's so much
to do still.  The one thing which I'm absolutely loving is spending time
with people I love.  

Elyssa came and spent the day with me a few days back, naturally
we always get into something and this time it was Grammy's hats. As
you can see we have a ton of fun when we're together! 

Yesterday my oldest son, his wife and Elyssa had me over for a
Mother's Day BBQ and was it ever delicious! 

And I got two dozen gorgeous purple roses which Elyssa
picked out, one of her favorite colors is purple! 

Last night I received a message that my aunt was in town
and that she'd like to see me while she's in the city. I went
today to visit and it was so nice connecting with two of my
aunties, we don't get the opportunity to visit too often.  My
aunt who was in from out of town gave me this gorgeous bracelet,
her daughter made this for me, they know I love turtles! 

I am blessed beyond words! 
I love having this time to spend with those who are
nearest and dearest to my heart, yup a true blessing. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

History in the Making

The province I live in has had a Progressive Conservative Government
for the past 44 years.  Yesterday there was a provincial election and it
became obvious it was time for a new government, the New Democratic 
Party won the majority of the vote, history has been made!

Rachel Notley, the NDP leader spoke out and was heard by the
people, in her victory speech she said:
"I think we might have made a little bit of history tonight...
Friends, I believe, that change has finally come to Alberta.
New people, new ideas and a fresh start for our great province."

My hopes are this new government comes through on campaign
promises, we will see a new brighter future if this transpires. 
Are we ready for change? I believe we are, in a big way! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Special Birthday Celebration

Today is a very special day, my granddaughter turned five today and
what a cool day to turn five.  It's the fifth day, of the fifth month and
it's 2015.  Elyssa picked out where she wanted to celebrate her special day, 
she chose the zoo and what a phenomenal place to have a birthday party.  
The party was on Sunday. 

Lucy was out for a walk

The children, adults as well, got to pet a snake

The party host brought out an armadillo 

The entire time at the zoo was not only fun, it was informative, 
interactive, and interesting. I also got to get a selfie with
the birthday girl...

And if this next photo, well it speaks for itself...

Happy birthday my special girl, Grammy loves you immensely! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Tonight we celebrated my oldest son and his wife's birthdays. 
They both have a birthday in April and with my daughter being
in Australia and me taking a trip to Mexico we were able to finally
all come together and enjoy a nice meal and celebrate new beginnings,
endings, and create new memories. 

Happy birthday Shayne and Sandy! 

It was sure nice coming together as a family again, 
good times had by all! :-)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Adios Mexico

I flew out to Mazatlan for a week to celebrate my completion of 
studies.  I'd never been to Mexico before and I'd definitely return
probably trying a different spot.  It was a relaxing, but busy week, 
if that makes any sense.  I traveled solo and came and went as I 
pleased and met some fantastic people... now on to the photos! 

I stayed at Riu Emerald Bay in Mazatlan, this is a photo of my view:

I could sit on the patio and watch the stunning sunsets,
 which I did once or twice. 

 I did a few touristy things,
went into the city to explore and shop naturally. 

Now this I don't quite get, what would ever
possess anyone to jump off of a perfectly
fine cliff? 

 And I don't even like reptiles but for the sake
of a photo... ya, it's a part of who I am! lol

A tour in the country and I had the best meal 
at this side of the road cafe, even had baby turkeys
running through the eating area, it added to the
fun of the meal. 

 I met some fun people, particularly this one couple who were 
walking down by the beach.  The lady shared with me how
she's like to try parasailing, something I'd never done before
so before I knew it, yup... we were parasailing and what 
an experience! I'd do this again in a heartbeat! 

What a rush! And I don't much care for heights but
as I mentioned I'd do this again!  I think it's the total
feeling of freedom, gliding through the air, not a care
in the world. 

Just up from the hotel there is a food shack, not so 
sure I'd call this a restaurant, but we went to eat here after the
parasailing.  The food was good, not as good as the country
food shack, but it was the experience...

 And when it was time to come home I met up with a few
of the fellas I'd chatted with a few times during our stay in Mexico. 
These guys were hilarious, the gentleman in the bottom photo
 thought we all needed sombreros for our
 trip home so he buys us each one...

The three hour wait to board the plane passed by quickly, 
having these two for entertainment proved to be an amazingly
hilarious time... and Guy, you're right I'll never forget you, how could
I when I have this huge pink hat which I have no idea what to do with now?


Adios Mexico! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Surreal Day

Today has been a roller coaster type of a day. I was up with the birds, 
packed up my school bag for the final time and headed down to the university 
feeling both nervous, yet excited.  I had to give my final presentation today and 
it went really well I feel.  I put the notes off to the side and just started speaking, 
and lo and behold I came to realize that I have learned a considerable amount
during this past 7 years of studies... yet it feels like the more I would learn, the
less I know!  Funny how this works.  

After three presentations it was lunch time, I had already presented and shared
my reflections on the experience of being a student at this uni for this past
four years.  I became rather sentimental when I shared how it felt to be finished... 
I was composed enough to go out for lunch with some of my colleagues, but I didn't
feel I could eat quite yet so I opted for a smoothie.  I think that it's safe to say we all
were on a high... 

All 5 of us are done, there's still two weekends of presentations but I won't
be here for neither of the weekends as I've booked myself a trip to Mexico...
I've never been to Mexico and I figure it's time to reward myself.  I'll fly out next 
Friday and am I ever looking forward to this trip.  

Yup, it's been a surreal day!  I'm totally exhausted but knowing
I don't have to write any more essays, attend classes, or give
presentations I am sure I'll sleep like a baby!  Well better than
a baby I hope as babies wake up generally every three hours! lol

I want to thank those of you who have been here encouraging
me along this journey, you don't know how many times I needed
a gentle word of encouragement and I'd come here to my blog
and find it, or it would be in the photos we've shared, or the
jokes and laughs.  Who else is awake at 3,4, sometimes 5 am to call? 
I'd just sneak into my blog and here you all were. 
For this I can't thank you enough. 

And please excuse me but after 7 years of studies I'm not
even going to edit my post tonight, my brain needs sleep! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Live, Love, Laugh and Dance

This year there was no turkey in the oven for Easter, 
no cooking for days, nor family over.  My daughter
isn't home from Australia yet, my son has been in
the process of moving and to cook a turkey for 4
people just didn't quite seem right as I don't want to be 
eating leftover turkey until the next holiday!  

I sure enjoyed myself this past weekend just the same, 
Saturday night I went out for a night on the town and
danced up a storm!  I left my camera behind as I just
wanted to let lose and have fun, I shot the following 
photo with my phone, it's sure amazing what they do 
these days!  This is a dear friend Danita and her band, 
she's one talented lady who rocked the house! 

Sunday afternoon I went with my daughter-in-law and
granddaughter to the Muttart Conservatory (Botanical garden),
you bet I took my camera for this one as there's plenty of 
photo to decide which ones to share! 

This next photo of Elyssa still makes me chuckle, I was teaching her
how to pose like a 'model' and talk about laugh...Elyssa found
this to be totally amusing, as did her Mom and I!  
I love the laughter we all share, the best medicine in the
whole wide world. 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, in my opinion life
is far too short not to enjoy life.  Love deeply, live a little, 
laugh a lot and dance like nobody is watching... 
I did all three this weekend
and there's no therapy like it!