Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nothing Typical Here

Today we had our Easter dinner, not the big huge
turkey dinner as only two of my children could make
it over. But was our dinner ever scrumptious...

I even broke out the fine china and 
clean-up was a breeze AND 
for dessert I baked a cake.

Yup, nothing typical here this Easter and now
I'm thinking more Easter dinners might look like this. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

And that's a wrap

I'm so glad I'm finally done this semester, it was a challenge
to get through this one, but it's a done deal and I'm now exactly
half way to the Masters Degree. A bit of a break and I'll hit the
ground running when I start my practicum placement on 
May 5th, the only way to learn is to roll up the sleeves and
just do it! 

And wouldn't you just know it,
we got more snow, just in time for
the Easter bunny! lol

Wishing you all a Merry Easter! :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Field Trip

Not only was Elyssa looking forward to her field-trip today, 
I was as well.  I was up bright and early and met up at the daycare
to board a bus with the wee ones and off we went to the Royal
Albert Museum.  There's a lot to take in there, naturally the
children loved seeing the various bugs and there was Elyssa counting
some type of huge yellow beetles to see just how many
there were. 

The next stop was the dinosaur area.  We saw all sorts
of dinosaurs, some old bones and even some skulls.

We got to see animals of Alberta, Elyssa was
pointing out the bird in this display.

And we even got to play for a while; Elyssa
dressed up as a dinosaur, put on some special 
footwear which would help her to make dinosaur
tracks in the sand. 

It was such a fun time to go out with Elyssa
on her field-trip and I look forward to more
adventures with my precious granddaughter!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


My son Derek went out yesterday and picked up his
new car.  Sweet ride! 

I checked out the car, sat in the luxurious
drivers seat and couldn't even see over 
the dash! Sure I could have adjusted the 
seat, taken off for a ride, but I'll wait for the 
opportunity to drive this beautiful car
out on the open highway and we'll see
just how worried I should be, or how worried
my son should be when I borrow his car! ;-)

Congratulations on the new car Derek, 
I'm proud of you my boy! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Positive Sign

I love waking up in the morning and listening to
the birds chirping. Finally after a long, cold winter
I've been waking to the sweet sound of S.....
it's a wee bit too early to say the S word,
don't want to jinx our warm weather, but the
chirping I hear is a positive sign 

... we just may have
entered construction season.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Going for Gold

My nephew Eddie is a hockey player, he has a 
passion for the game...

This weekend was the final tournament. The team didn't have 
a very good season so when they went on a winning streak, 
they went all out.  The boys played hard, working
together they won their way into a playoff spot. 

And wouldn't you know it, 
they won the gold medal!

Way to go Mustangs, you did an
astounding job!

And Eddie, Auntie is so proud of you! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Busy as a Bee

This semester is about to wind down, but it's like the calm before
the storm. I know what's in front of me and I'm doing my best
to prepare for it and it seems there's been quite a bit happening
in Edmonton, things which interest me this is. 

Last Monday there was a forum endorsed by The Lieutenant
Governor's Circle on Mental Health and Addiction:
"Ashamed: A Conversation About Addiction
and Stigma" and what an event this was. The keynote
speaker was the director of the Betty Ford Clinic, he tells
an amazing story of his recovery and he is one dynamic

Wednesday evening I attended a volunteer workshop to
prepare for Thursday when the Truth and Reconciliation
began. This is the final event hosted by the T&R and
it's a big one. 

Thursday when I walked up the stairs to the
Shaw Conference Centre I was uncertain of how this
event was going to go and I'm totally in awe of the
entire event. It's still going on with tomorrow being the
final day. Tomorrow I plan on going back and partaking
in the walk which honors those who have been (and continue to
be) effected by the residential school system. If you'd
care to read anymore about this just google the
Truth and Reconciliation, Edmonton, Alberta and 
you'll find a wealth of information. 
Yesterday I debriefed with about 25 university students
who were in attendance both Thursday and 
Friday, they heard stories of survivors and it was 
amazing to hear what the students are taking away 
from their two days at the T&R, my only beef with this 
event is that it's winding down, this is where I believe
services must be in place for those who need them. 

After volunteering yesterday it was off to a fund
raiser dinner I'd committed to. The photo says
a lot...

And between it all, you bet the books are still 
open, for a few more short weeks and I'm sure 
looking forward to moving forward with these
never ending studies.

So busy, you betcha, but not too busy
to stop in and say hi here, I hope all is well
in your world. I also hope to 
be back to my kind of normal
in a few weeks, then I'll be back if life
isn't too hectic with a practicum. 
I'll worry about tomorrow when it
gets here though, no point in planning
too far in advance as I never know when the 
winds may change directions. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Yesterday the streets were dry, it's been nice and warm 
here for over a week, it was averaging at least 6-10c every day. 
The snow was melting, the sun has been shining and I 
washed my car last night, guess what happened... 

Yup, we got a dump of snow to welcome our
first day of Spring. I hope it doesn't last and
we go back to the nice sunshiny days, that was nice.

Sigh, a girl can dream. Mind you here in Alberta, 
I must say patience is a virtue...

First day of Spring, yup installation failed! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

30 Already

I have no idea how this happened
but my middle child, my second son, 
turned 30.When there is a birthday
in my family the birthday person gets to 
choose what they would like to do; I was
a bit surprised my son wanted dinner at his
brothers house, so that we did. 

We had a fantastic dinner, Elyssa helped
Uncle Derek open his cards... she's such a good
little helper. 

Naturally there was a cake and you
bet we put all 30 candles on it!

And I believe this would rate as Derek's
favorite gift, it's from a friend he's known 
since grade school.

A signed Hall Jersey, warranted a 
much bigger smile from the b'day boy
than the old man slippers I got him...
go figure! ;-)

Happy Birthday son, but any more birthdays
and you're so grounded young man! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Minute Photo Shoot

Yesterday I went to meet a young lady at one of our
local universities, she's running for vice president of 
something or another and only decided to do so last
minute. She has a short period of time to campaign so
I agreed to meet, and today I spent a bit of time editing
photos for her and I want to wish her all the best! 

The 'professional look'...

The student shot...

one for her personal album...

and the one I hope she uses for
her posters, my favorite...

I'd notice this last photo a lot quicker than 
the rest; the colors, the look... 
with this photo she's a sure win! :-)