Friday, March 20, 2009

My Ambassador Duties Are Fulfilled

This morning I gave my final speech for this school year, I am hanging up the Ambassador name tag and contemplating if I will do this again next year. If I feel I have the time to commit to this again next year, I will gladly represent the college I attend. The public speaking has been a bit nerve wracking yet I find that it is getting a bit easier with every speech I deliver. I also have had some awesome perks through the Ambassador program: the ballet, the mac and cheese lunch to raise money for the homeless, some wonderful meals, a bit of a break from some classes as well as meeting some fantastic people. I sure do hope that I can fit this into my busy schedule next year, I think that I just talked myself right into it! :-)


  1. I do believe that the public speaking will get easier the more you do it. I once had to present a business plan as part of the small business course that I had taken..mind you it was just a practice, but I felt a bit nervous though. I've always wanted to join Toast Masters, just so that I can build up my confidence level, but they no longer have it here where I live.

    What sort of course are you taking, if you don't mind me asking. Enjoy your weekend, Darlene :)

  2. Being an ambassador for the college is such a huge accomplishment. Maybe you will have a little more time to yourself now?

  3. Hi there, Sandy I highly doubt that there will be any more "me" time, the studies have gotten so intense with only a month left in class for my first year, I'll be lucky to see daylight! LOL
    Brenda, I'll respond to you when I see your photo tonight, I don't know if you are liked through here or not so that comments pop up in your email, I know when people comment as I have my blog set up that way!

  4. I get a notification in my hotmail addy, Darlene. I've just noticed too, that one of your favorite movies is "A Beautiful Mind" I've always wanted to see that one.

  5. Being Ambassador is a huge accomplishment. I read somewhere that you're thinking of taking the summer off. I think that's a great idea after the busy year+ that you've had! You're like me and I know you'll still keep busy - but at least it'll be busy doing fun things.

  6. Oh my goodness Brenda, I was just reading my response to you and I sure didn't mean liked... that was supposed to be liNked! It's odd how one forgotten letter can change the entire context and that sure sounded rude there, sorry!
    I highly recommend A Beautiful Mind, there's very few movies that I will sit and watch a second time yet this one I went out and bought, it's that good!

    Julie, I am pretty sure that I will take the summer off, I'm still in the contemplation phase as to whether or not I should take a course or two over at Grant MacEwan to get a bit ahead of the game for next year, taking five classes in one semester is INSANE, although so far my head is above water...on that note, have a great day everyone, I have to get to my studies here!


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