Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ten and a Sneak Peek

Now here's an interesting feat, I was over to Scott's blog last night to check out his post which led me to David's blog and there's a challenge for posting 10 photos on October 10th, 2010... 10/10/10. Check out David's blog, he explains it there. I don't have a clue yet what my post will be, I just hope that I remember to post it! :-)

And here's a sneak peek at what's going on in my humble abode...

I almost gave up incorporating the rust color into my dining area, it's a wee tiny area but plenty big enough for me, then I came up with an idea (Insert bright light bulb here)... I've painted the upper portion of the wall a soft khaki and the lower portion I incorporated the rust. I'm going to either use a chair rail or run a border to tie the two together. I'll do the before and after thing if there's ever the after.

I just glanced at the photo here again and the table is one of the taller tables, I didn't only paint a foot off the floor! :-) Actually I broke up the room, the lower portion is 3' 3 ticks. lol yes, I'm off to bed now.

Until tomorrow, goodnight and God bless.


  1. What a great way to get you color in!

  2. I really like that colour; Woh I don't know if I could handle the 10 photos on the 10th idea.

  3. The paint looks a bit rusty.

    10-10-10 Is well over a month away. Do you plan your blogging that far out?

  4. Good luck getting your house in order. Great picture of your granddaughter in your previous post.

  5. Thanks for plugging the challenge. I will be posting a few reminders before the big day. It looks like you are off to a good start. Good luck with the home.

  6. Pam, thank you.

    LL, it's old paint. :-) I don't plan too much in life, I like the concept of 10/10/10 so the idea is tucked away in my mind and I'm thinking up ideas for it but most likely won't come up with the actual photos for it until either the day before, or more like the day after and post it late. Isn't it obvious that I fly by the seat of my pants here?

    Thank you Chad. Elyssa is like my rainbow in life, she's my reward for raising 3 children. The painting, well it's coming together, one wall at a time.

    David, no worries. This sounds like it's going to be interesting to see what others come up with, heck it's going to be interesting to see what I come up with! And thank you, right about now it's all been hard work, no luck involved at all, with getting the new house in order. :-)

  7. Davine, sorry I missed responding to you here... I just caught that in my email inbox. Thanks and the 10 thing, you can do it, 10 items of jewelery, 10 different angles and something you love, 10 things you love in life... the possibilities are endless!

  8. How the hell did you get such a straight line between the two colours. Every time I do something like that it looks like the surf is up.

    I like the idea of 10 or 10/10/10.

    Sweet dreams.

    Si x

  9. Si, measure twice, paint once! A laser level also comes in handy and make sure you tape it off... it's that easy. :-) So you're also going to take part in the 10 thing? I might have something in mind for this, my 10 favorite things in life or who knows, I have over a month, a few rooms to paint and settling to do, plus get settled into university before this date is upon us, tons of time!

    Thanks Janell, I never realized what a bugger it'd be trying to get things to match up with this color but I also am impressed with the color.

  10. I like the perspective of the shot you took of it, and I'm also impressed with the accuracy of the work !! My son is getting ready to start painting the drywall in his renovated place - wanna earn some extra cash for university ? ;-)

  11. Rick, thank you for your compliment and as far as the work goes... I don't think that you could afford me! lol The air fare there and back plus room and board plus wages, ya, much cheaper to get the work done by someone out there! :-) You should see how good I'm getting at running a bead of caulking, I'm impressed with what I can do now! The baseboard isn't attached yet in this photo, once I do some after shots you'll be able to enlarge it and check it out. Bet you can't wait eh? LOL Have a fantastic Friday!

  12. Nice Work :-)
    I am glad that you went with the two tone idea!



  13. Thank you Joseph, now I am going to attempt to use a miter saw, it might work out what I have in mind and it might not but not to worry, I have a back up plan. :-)

  14. Love the color...I think you were wise to use it with the khaki.

    I will have to check out that 10 photos on October 10th bit.

  15. Thanks Cheryl, I love color in my world but nothing bold or brilliant, more soothing and relaxing tones.

    I think that the 10/10/10 will be interesting to see what people come up with, I'm going to give it a shot just for the fun of it.


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