Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Glorious sunset in Mexico

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Stylin'

Karen from twincitiesblatherblog and Bruce from dreammodeling have both presented  me with a Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you Karen and Bruce. 

The deal with this award is that I have to tell you 7 things about myself, seeings I received two awards I will tell you 14 things about myself and then I get to pass on this Stylish Blogger Award to 5 of my blogger friends, 10 in this case. 

Where to start? I don't want to state the obvious such as I love to take photos and do this blogging thing. 

Okay, now I have to think... 

1. I admire honesty (so now I have to be honest... damn!)
2.. One of my favorite books I've read lately is "White Powder" by Larry B. Lambert
3. I am open minded, most of the time
4. On days off I love to stay in my PJ's and chill out with my homework
5. I love people, hence studying in Social Work
6. I love to write, not essays so much, but emotional writing, writing from the heart
7. I adore children
8. Sometimes I wish my kids were still small 
9. I'm a romantic, candlelight and roses kind of a lady
10. I want to learn how to drive a Harley and buy one
11. I love being in nature, there's something therapeutic about playing in the dirt
12. I have a twisted sense of humor and love to laugh
two more.... hmmm
13. I have control issues which I'm working on letting go of
14.  For those of you who missed my post two years ago, I sleep with a stuffed animal, yup my luv dog. :-)

Now to pass on this award and in no particular order, drum roll please...

  1. LL because you make me laugh and have style you get a stylish blogger award

2. Rick, you take amazing, awe inspiring photos and always have kind words to share as well as humor, you have style. 

3. Pam, you're one classy lady with plenty of style and you have an way with words, love your blog!

4.Dawn, you scream style! ;-)

5. Davine, you are one stylish lady and definitely deserve a style award. 

6. Si, well now Si, what can I say about you? Of course you have style, you have compassion and you also make me laugh

7. M., you have style, sharing your words of wisdom with your blogger friends and you also take amazing photos, you have style and perseverance and are always quick to offer kind words, definitely style! Now just don't change your blog site again k? lol

8. Joseph, you funny man you! You have oodles and oodles of style, your photos are magnificent, your sense of humor keeps your site lively and you don't mind when we use your blog for an open discussion, you bet you have style! 

9. Cheryl C. you have so much style I think that you could lend some out and still have plenty left for yourself. 

10. Irina and Ashira, you are both exhibit style and thank you for bringing Moscow into my world via your blog. 

I only wish that I had more to give out, can I break the rules? I'd love to give one of these to  Beverly, Karen L, Regina, Galen, Jane, Kathy G., LSP, Chas, Tammy who makes fantastic cards, Andy, Tammy Andy's wife who took the plunge and started up her blog, way to go! And all of my blogger friends, all of my friends here have style.

We're a classy stylin' bunch we are, oh ya and so are our blogs!

And for those of you who received an award, you now post this award to your blog site, tell us all 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 5 other blogger friends...if you so choose to (doing pretty good on giving up control issues eh? lol)


  1. wow I have style, that is a first and thank you very much. I'll have to announce this in my up and coming post.

    I love the 14 things about you, very funny.


  2. Thank you so much!!! You are so sweet!

  3. Hey, I figure an honorable mention after only being a blogger for a few months is great!! Thank you!!

    I can just imagine you on a Harley, plowing through 2' of snow!! :) I wonder if they make snow plow blades for Harleys? :)

    And as for chillin' out in your PJs all day, there is nothin' better! I think there should be a law that everyone has to take a PJ day at least once a month! I bet the world would be a better place!! Let's make a proclamation that the 4th Saturday of January is Global PJ day! :)

    Have a GREAT day, you stylish lady you!! :)

  4. How come I only rated #5 on a possible 10 -- If that was a grade at university, I'd have received a (gulp) 'C-' or even a 'D+'...unless you're grading on a curve. ;^)

  5. Si, your welcome and glad to make you smile.

    Pam, your welcome. As I mentioned I love your blog.

    Andy, I'm with you on the PJ day and even if I have to run out for something what the heck, leave the PJ's on, the kids do today! lol And thank you, I hope it's a productive day.

  6. LL, these are in no particular order, you're #1 as an author though doesn't that say a lot? I could have listed one of the many books I've read but you're writing style impressed me immensely so be quiet and say thank you! OOOPS damn control issues. Just to make your day LL I'm going to move you up a notch k?

  7. Thank you, Darleen! What a sweet surprise! I will write the news to Ashira.

  8. You are so welcome, and what an interesting bit of information about stylish you....a stylish girl with a stylish blog! ..and next time please put JJ on top of the list...okay??? lol....he's like so funny! love his comments along your posts!..and most of all love this music...I think I shuold figure out how you do that....! ;)

  9. Irina, your more than welcome!

    Karen, thanks and who is JJ? Do you mean LL? Ya, I love his comments as well, don't tell him but I think that he's hilarious as well! He's followed my blog the longest, he's even outlasted my family here. Yup he's been only a yell away and he does deserve to be up there, notice he's second now? When LL's happy, I'm happy! lol Thanks again Karen, I had fun with this as you can see. :-)

  10. LL, at our age I don't think that there's any curves left! ;-)

  11. Can't say much other than you touched my heart & made me proud of friends like you. Thanks a lot.

    To be sincere, I think your style is very similar to mine. Always there for your friends and never forget to check if they're OK. But you have more style because of your passion for your grandchild.

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. M., your welcome. And I know that if I didn't show up here for a few days you'd do the same so yes we are similar in that manner.

    I wasn't listing the obvious about me, my number one thing which touches my heart is my granddaughter and my children, family is number one in my books forever and always.

    Thank you but I don't think that it's really a matter of style, it's a matter of how we chose to live our lives and my friends here all have similar interests so we're all stylin' in that sense! Cheers!

  13. Karen, if you want to add music go to the bottom of my page, where it says some of my favorites, and click on create your free playlist. Just play around in there, it took me some doing but I figured it out and if I can I'm sure that almost anybody can figure it out. I'm alright on a computer don't always know what I'm doing. :-)

  14. Thanks for the mention. Since I hate to DO memes, I'm thinking I have the best of both worlds.

  15. Thanks, Darlin! I love that you stay in your pj's on your days off...I love to do that, too. It's nice to learn a little more about you. Now, I'm going to have to go think about what to write about me. Hmmmm.

  16. You're welcome Kathy, and Cheryl your very welcome. I love reading both of your blogs.

    Cheryl thanks for playing along, it was interesting to read a bit more about you. You're a fascinating lady!

  17. Hey, you mentioned me in your post. No wonder why I did not see the nomination of the "stylish award", somehow this post slipped down my sleeve . . . LOL . . . :-D

    Thank you Darlene *Blushing*



  18. Your welcome Joseph, you're stylin'! ;-) Have a fantastic evening, off to YAWN... night class soon. Cheers!

  19. Here I am, almost 2 weeks late - well, I did have an excuse, with company here.

    Thank you very much Darlene - not just for this award but for being a very good blogger friend. I always appreciate your visits, your comments, and your posts on your blog ! You have a great sense of humour - which I appreciate in a person.

    I finally accepted your award on my blog tonight - thanks for the honour !


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