Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Glorious sunset in Mexico

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Edmonton Streetcar

This morning my oldest son called and invited me to go with them on an adventure.
I don't have a ton of free time but I was missing my granddaughter and decided to put the studies on hold, some things in life are more important than receiving an "A", this was one of them.
We walked down Whyte Avenue where's some quaint shops, tons of restaurants and a different type of an atmosphere than the "normal" hustle and bustle of city life even when the avenue is jam packed with people... which on a Sunday morning it isn't. 

After our walk we went on the Streetcar, it was a wonderful experience and the first time we all had been on this venture. The streetcar was built in 1912, in September 1951 all service came to an end and the remaining streetcars were stripped, the bodies were sold for further use as cottages or farm buildings. Our museum recovered the car and spent 17 years restoring it, it had to be rebuilt from scratch. The end result is amazing.

The conductor played his role well, he was our tour guide and informed us of the history as well as many other interesting facts.

My granddaughter was intrigued, she seemed to really enjoy being on the "toot, toot". 

Even though our time together went too fast, as time seems to when you're having fun, I'm grateful Shayne and Sandy invited me to come along for the ride. 

...uggggh, back to reading now. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Great photos! And I appreciate your focus on family priorities. Especially since I have gotten behind on my blog reading because a few days ago I became a grandmother! You'll have to give me some tips! Daughter and grandson are doing great.

  2. You have a good week studying as well.

  3. Glad you took the break. When we lived in Edmonton, we took all the grandkids on the Street Car!! What fun.

  4. Galen thank you and congratulations! What exciting news!! If you ever want any advice I'll do my best to share with you what I'm learning along the way, just send me an email and I'll share anything with you which I've experienced along the way. There's something about being a Grandmother that makes everything in the world seem that much better, enjoy each and every second you have with your grandson, the time will fly by and before you know it he's going to be walking and talking... that's my best advice for now. Oh, that and take plenty of photos! :-) Enjoy and congratulations to your daughter as well!

    Horst thank you. Have you ever been on this streetcar? If not it's worth the $4 ride I think. I hope you're healing fast and able to get out and about, if you're not already doing so. I had to quit my job after 5 years unfortunately, there's just way to much on my plate right now and will be until December. Take care and enjoy your evening.

    Flora thank you. I enjoyed the ride today, it was priceless when the Street Car went through the tunnel, the look on Elyssa's face was priceless! I don't know who it was more of a treat for, me or Elyssa! lol Have a great week!

  5. Looks like a great adventure! I love anything along the line of trains. It's wonderful that you had such a great time with your son. We took my mom out Letterboxing with us on Saturday. We took a picnic lunch and spent several hours playing at the park we were at as well as hunting boxes. :) It was a great time, and the kids loved watching grandma try to go down the spiral slide! :)

    Have a wonderful week and don't let those studies get you down! You can do it! I have faith in you!! :)

  6. What a great day. I love old streetcars. That one looks terrific!

    Now---get back to studyin'!

  7. You did well taking this break.
    Life is short and it was more important for all of you
    the being together!!
    Your granddaughter looks just to cuddle and

  8. I am so glad you had wonderful Sunday, great start of the hard week!

  9. yes! Sometimes you just have to toss the books aside and go with the moment! My favorite neighborhood I mention all the time has one running there, and we ride it often, (too short of a ride but at least it's something!) ...back in the old days people rode them for air conditioning with the windows down....I just learned that this summer! Looks like you had a great time together!

  10. Andy thanks for the vote of confidence, I have to get my mojo going again, thus far it's just not here... it's coming, I can feel it! I commented on your blog, I'm not ignoring the rest of your comment! lol Thanks for stopping in and a wonderful week to you!

    Clint the few hours with my princess was fantastic! Right now I NEED a break, my eyes are going crossed from all this reading... not blog reading but "required" reading. Why is it that every prof thinks their class is the one and only class a student is taking or has interest in? Each class they give you a months worth of reading... times this by 7 and that's what I should be doing! All in good time this will come together, I HOPE! lol Have a great week!

    Bitch my granddaugher is just that adorable, I do kiss and hug her all the time when I see her! I totally agree, life is way to short to rob ourselves of that which matters most to us, other things can just wait. Have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping in.

    Irina you got it, a real tough week and it's only Monday! lol I'm attempting to stay on top of everything but I feel like my ship is sinking, not quickly but it's going to go down if I don't stay on top of it all. Tonight was a busy, busy night but I'm ready for yet another day in the morning, a long day at that! I hope you have a fantastic week, is your brother still visiting?

    Karen there's nothing like a nice walk, a bike ride but the run... I'm not too sure about that one! lol I've been a student far too long and the only running I do is to get to class on time it seems. Have a great week!


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